Achieve Peak Performance every time you play tennis with Laura’s series to put you at the top of your game. 

Stay calm, cool and collected. Gain concentration and make distractions non-existent.

Release fear and be free to perform at your best. Stop negative self-talk in its tracks.

Release Performance Anxiety so you can be your best! Game, set, match are within your power. 

Discover the mental advantage used by tennis pros like Jimmy Connors and Pat Cash. Billy Jean King once said, “Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility.”

This famous quote sums it up: tennis is a physical game of the mind! Imagine serving and returning the ball correctly without hours of practice. Control your mind and improve your game overnight. Stop analyzing the faults in your swing. Start to feel and “know” what you want when you grip your racket! Learn how to use the secret these professionals use in Laura King’s latest book & CD series, AWESOME TENNIS!

Have you ever wondered why after all of your lessons and practice, you still make some of the same mistakes you’ve always made in your tennis game? Or how it can be that your forehand is great during practice, yet when you need to win a match point you choke? Do you know the difference between a good tennis player and a REALLY GREAT tennis player?

GREAT tennis player remains calm under pressure, recovers easily from a poor shot and stays focused.  Studies show that the great players have a SUPERIOR MENTAL ATTITUDE that translates into CONSISTENT PEAK PERFORMANCE!
A professional coach or tennis pro helps you improve your skills and techniques through physical rehearsal. Following Laura’s simple instructions, you can also improve your confidence and focus through mental rehearsal. Learn a simple step-by-step method to use these powerful tools that allow you to use 100 percent of your mind.

 The AWESOME TENNIS book and the associated AWESOME TENNIS CD Series, is guaranteed to improve the tennis player’s game and their lives for the better. How? By learning to use all of the brain rather than just the 12 percent of the conscious mind that most of us use. In order to make lasting improvements in your tennis game, you have to tackle what’s happening in the other 88 percent of your brain – where behaviors, habitual thoughts and emotions are stored, the subconscious mind.

  • Learn to “stay in the moment” – return every volley with confidence
  • Learn techniques to release anger and frustrations when you make mistakes
  • Remember why you play tennis – unlike any other sport, the game of tennis is a metaphor for life. It is      about the journey

If you are discouraged with your ability to significantly improve your tennis game; or even if you are a seasoned player who has reached a plateau and just can’t seem to get to the next level despite hours on the court, AWESOME TENNIS is for you!