Safety Pays! Program

Anchoring Safe Work Practices

Smart managers understand that complying with the law, controlling losses, and improving production can best be assured if employees are motivated, safe, and able. By utilizing the subconscious mind, which controls 88% of long-term behavior, we successfully habitualize your unique company’s safety standards into employee behavior. Safe work practices become routine and individuals are more self aware and attuned to their environment, extending their attention spans and focus.

Organizational leaders will progress from a reactive approach to safety to a proactive approach by employing innovative training techniques of visualization, relaxation to enhance focus and concentration, and self hypnosis sessions to overcome insomnia and imprint healthy lifestyle behavior.

The many benefits of this program are proven when accidents are prevented, insurance costs decrease, and employees are motivated to develop enhanced safety systems.

Contact us at (561) 841-7603 for more information or to schedule the Safety Pays! workshop for your company.

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