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Laura King’s Mentorship Program

Train Your Brain To Make It Happen – Make A Habit Of Success!

What is Laura King’s Mentorship Program?

  • Do you want to build your business or  practice?
  • How many clients do you want to see a week, a month, and a year?
  • Do you want to be hired for speaking engagements?
  • How big will you be and how much do you want to grow?
  • Do you want to make and brand your own products?
  • Do you want to be the leader in your market area?
  • What can catapult you to the top?
  • Do you want to go further than you ever expected?

Laura’s Mentorship program will get you there!

Her proven program will enable you to personally make the commitment and to imagine and design your own goals based on your unique and personal ambitions. With her help, you will create a strategic plan with specific steps to get you there.  Laura will personally coach and counsel you throughout this process to achieve your goals along with hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and by utilizing her Discover Process which will solidly ground you in your personal and professional development and to insure maximum success!

This program will provide access to proven Networking 101, Sales 101, and Success with Clients 101 strategies. You will learn your own 5-second interview which will not only attract clients to you but give you the confidence to go out and get clients! You will be hypnotized to become a natural networker. You will get your name discovered by using the proven sources and avenues to grow your business and become a recognized expert through seminars, training programs and group presentations.


We Begin with Business Coaching

You probably already know that you need to develop a solid, effective business strategy that should forecast you forward for nine to twelve months and must identify and prioritize the important tasks and activities that need to be accomplished to propel you forward. You will need to establish a clear, realistic and achievable plan together with a view of how the business should look, feel and operate in the future. You must have a clear understanding of the tasks & activities you need to work on and deliver in order to successfully deliver the plan.  Together, we will work on that. You will adopt a plan for the future (create your own Achieve Progress Report) and we use Timeline Therapy to get your there – a clear marker for the development of your business – so you know where you are heading. Then, Laura will hypnotize you to follow the plan. She will work closely with you to produce the most efficient and precise strategic direction for your business.

This will be achieved as follows:

  • Create a viable Strategic Business Plan
  • Develop a networking plan for your area based on your goals
  • Create a short, sharp approach to define your client base while resolving problems you have already faced in your market area
  • Tailor a suitable plan that will work for you and get your business on track based on how many clients you want to see a week, speaking engagements, products you want to produce and sell, webpage and blog posts you want to publish, etc.
  • Develop your strategies and improve your skills for speaking, business management, accounting, recordkeeping, maintaining client records and office management
  • Work to improve and enhance your skills at recording and website maintenance which includes blogging and internet sales in order to accomplish your desired outcome.

We Continue with Business Mentoring

In this step, Laura will help you deliver and implement the strategic plan. You will be accountable for each stage with a personal commitment to following the plan we have created. Mentoring keeps you on track. It ensures you stay focused and that you are working on the important tasks and activities that will deliver the plan, on your timeline. In mentoring we work for three, six nine or twelve months and even the years ahead on the “How”, “What” and “When”.

  • How specifically are we going to deliver the plan?
  • What are your responsibilities for each specific element of the plan, the tasks, activities and outcomes?
  • When precisely, will each of the many tasks and activities between now and the target date be completed?

Why is Laura King’s Mentorship Program Different?

Our mentoring program can help get you and your business to where you are going, far faster than might otherwise be expected.  Laura King is trained in a broad spectrum of areas of life and business coaching. Her use of hypnosis, NLP and Timeline Therapy will create the needed change in the mind’s computer which is 88% of who you are and what you can become.  Her valuable knowledge and experience not to mention the proven success of her own business with thousands of clients is your secret weapon!

Train Your Brain To Make It Happen – Make A Habit Of Success!

If you would like to have Laura King’s amazing success, let her be your Mentor! For more information about this program, call 561-841-7603 or email

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