Power To Win

The Power To Win Book

One of the more frequent challenges faced by equestrians is how to improve their performance. They express frustration that they often possess identical-if not superior-physical attributes to their competitors, yet they’re consistently being out-performed by that competition. In many cases, the problem is rooted in self-doubt, which limits their levels of performance.

Using self-hypnosis, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Laura Boynton King teaches the reader how to identify and accept self-doubt. Once this is achieved, she explains how to stop dwelling on past failures and other negative feelings and images through stress-reduction techniques, positive imagery, and concentration-focusing skills.

Whether the rider feels held back by physical fear-for example, riding a livelier horse or jumping a higher fence than usual-or by negative comments from a competitor, trainer, or horse show judge, or by show-ring performance anxiety, The Power To Win will help replace a “losing” mentality with the winning edge.

Illustrated with examples of how the author has helped well-known equestrians, King offers a valuable step-by-step tool for all competitive or recreational riders-or indeed, athletes in any sport-as well as for instructors and parents of riders.




 Companion Journal to The Power To Win

The Companion Journal to “The Power to Win” will help fans increase their understanding of hypnosis and NLP to release performance anxiety and to let go of past failures. The companion guide is set up as a workbook for readers to list their own issues that they would like to improve, and then describes the best process of utilizing hypnosis and mental imagery to achieve their goals. The journal corresponds with “The Power to Win”, offering additional explanations and advice to maximizing the readers’ experience with hypnosis and NLP.