Our Services

Our Services

At Summit Performance we believe in an integrated approach to life, health, healing and performance in order to enhance your overall quality of life. We focus on reversing the effects of emotional, physical, nutritional and chemical stresses through hypnosis, nutrition, detoxification, life and performance coaching.

Our system is designed to train your brain to perform at your highest potential in all areas of your life from your career, sports, relationships, behavioral changes and more. We help to eliminate triggers, stressors, and distractions that interfere with you being your best. We teach individuals how to utilize their mind, while offering techniques that put you back control of your emotions, fears, and anxieties. Summit Performance professionals are sought out by Olympians, professional and amateur athletes, award-winning trainers, CEOs, and prominent physicians.

Do you want to gain better concentration?
Do you want to have more confidence ?
Do you want to let go of a negative experience?
Do you want to achieve balance in your life?
Do you want to be the best you?

The conscious mind/logical mind comprises of only 12% percent of your brainpower. It houses your rational reasoning, your willpower, and your everyday working memory. Let us here at Summit Performance help you access the other 88% of your subconscious brainpower. This is where we retrain your brain to remove your bad habits and replace them with good habits, help you take control of your reactions and responses and make you the best you that you can be.

We can meet with you in person, by phone, or via Skype.