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Laura Boynton Kin g, CHt NLP Certified Hypnosis InstructorCertified hypnotist, sports hypnotist and life coach Laura King knows that whether it’s equestrians wishing to excel in their chosen sport or anyone wanting to reach his or her personal happiness and goals, it’s necessary to train the mind in order to achieve lasting change.

Her techniques help individuals improve their quality of life and their success in the saddle by removing the unique obstacles that prevent the mind and body from working together to create positive outcomes.

“When people say they are ‘of two minds,’ they really are,” she said. “The mind is made up of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is your thinking and state of awareness, yet it comprises a mere 12 percent of your brain power with its analytical and rational thinking, working memory, voluntary body functions and willpower. On the other hand, your subconscious mind represents a whopping 88 percent of your mind. It’s the boss. Your habits, your thoughts, your dreams, who you are, how you respond and what you believe are all functions of your subconscious mind.”

Laura uses hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help people develop their subconscious and reach that unused 88 percent of brain power. CEOs, Olympic athletes and public figures have achieved their goals, realized their dreams and created happy and balanced lives using her proven methods.

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She has created two new online multi-media workshops to help people reach their goals Perfect Enough for creating a plan to achieve a balanced, happy life, and Seven Mental Keys to Success for Equestrians to give them the power to win. Both courses include a series of live recorded webinars that are archived so participants can watch them on their own timelines or replay them to enhance their results. The webinars include a separate live hypnosis session.

Other materials include downloadable e-books, workbooks, audio books,  MP3s, PowerPoint clinics or workshops, self-talk scripts and extra bonus features. Perfect Enough and Seven Mental Keys to Success will stock your toolbox with a variety of tools to help you create a blueprint for your future.

Perfect Enough is the place you reach when you’ve accepted that you are exactly where you need to be at every moment,” she said. “When you’re Perfect Enough, you’re ready to explore areas of your life that you’d like to enhance or even change.”

Using the DISCOVER Process, Laura guides you through facing your fears, releasing them, and filling that space with positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You’ll evaluate your perceptions and experiences around self-confidence, love, prosperity, health and purpose, and create a plan for achieving a balanced, happy life. Then, you’ll access your powerful subconscious mind, through hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help produce desired, lasting changes.

“The Perfect Enough program includes all the tools you need to map your future,” she said. “Making dramatic life changes is not something that is done to you; it is a guided process in which you are given step-by-step directions to make the changes you desire. Unleash the power of your subconscious mind to change your behavior, manage stress, eliminate fears, increase self-confidence, eliminate bad habits and create positive ones, and improve your performance, all from the comfort of your own home.”

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Seven Mental Keys to Success is geared toward equestrians, no matter their chosen discipline. Learn why some of the world’s top riders use Laura’s methods to help them succeed. From Olympic riders to world-class trainers, her client list reads like a Who’s Who of successful equestrians and now, you too can learn what they already know.

“Research has shown that physical stamina accounts for just 20 percent of physical performance while the remaining 80 percent is attributed to mental stamina,” she said. “But it takes more than concentration and willpower, it takes total brain power. Equestrian sports hypnosis can give you the mental and physical edge you need to ride your very best every time you enter the ring or event course. You’ll become more in tune with your horse and better able to guide him/her to achieve peak performance. Equestrian sports hypnosis can also help you let go of past failures, build confidence in your riding abilities and trust your horse’s natural athletic talent to clear a course of fences, perform a complicated pattern or successfully navigate a complex obstacle.”

Both Perfect Enough and Seven Mental Keys to Success are being offered for a limited time introductory offer at Click here to learn how you can be on your way to achieving balance and happiness with Perfect Enough and here to access the Seven Mental Keys to Success for Equestrians.PE Workshop topics 2 (1)Schedule without dates 3