Laura and Larissa will be teaching classes at the Annual NGH Convention

We are excited to announce that Laura and Larissa will be teaching classes at this year’s NGH Convention August 8-10, 2014!
9:00-11:50 AM

Valuable Tools To Replace A Losing Mentality With The Winning Edge In Any Sport
Laura Boynton King, CH, CI
Learn what benefits are unique for using hypnosis and NLP in any sport
The technology of the mind to create an elite athlete’s mind set
Tools for creating a natural talent for all of your clients
6 areas of performance that athletes need in order to improve
Tools to effectively work with clients using hypnosis and NLP
How to prepare and use the 6 keys for all sports
Step-by-step process for your client to follow to achieve their goals
How to do a customized plan including time lines, action steps and affirmations
One of the more frequent challenges faced by all athletes is how to improve their performance. They express frustrations that they often possess identical – if not superior – physical attributes to their competitors, yet they’re consistently being out-performed by that competitor. In many cases, the problem is rooted in self-doubt, which limits their levels of performance. Using hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the client will learn how to identify and accept self- doubt. Once this is achieved, the client can stop dwelling on past failures and other negative feelings and images through hypnosis techniques, positive imagery, concentration-focusing skills.

2:00-2:50 PM
A Guide To Finding Internal Happiness
Larissa Brazier, CH

“Worry less, smile more. Don’t regret, just learn and grow.” ~Unknown
Create a knowledge and deeper understanding of the different types of worry
Techniques to move through worries, fears, insecurities & negativity
Tools to teach clients how to cultivate resilience. Resilience is your armor against anxiety. When you cultivate resilience you have a ready reminder of what you’ve already survived (and often thrived through) in the past. You are shielded by the strength you’ve built up and safe in the knowledge that you can prevail, that things will get better.
Step-by-step process to let go of control and to thrive in uncertainty
How to love more and hurt less
And much more!
Imagine your mind as a garden; positive thoughts are the beautiful flowers that brighten your life and negative thoughts are the ugly weeds that spread and suffocate the flowers. In this class, you will learn how to help your clients work through negative and limiting self-belief, boosting their self- esteem. Helping them learn to focus on the positives, rather than the negatives, and how to take care of themselves in times of need. Help your clients find the happiness they desire and release themselves from fear. The transformations are amazing! Lecture/Discussion/Q&A

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha

8:00-9:50 PM
All You Need To Know To Run A Successful Wellness & Weight Management Program
Larissa Brazier, CH and Laura Boynton King, CI, CH
Tried and proven exercises for helping the client release the past “diet/weight loss failures” & build a future roadmap for personal success
Step-by-step process for your client to follow to achieve their goals
How to do a customized plan including time lines, goals and affirmations
The 3 basic needs in human nutrition
Classify different food groups and provide examples
The reason for why most diets fail, in our opinion, is that they impose unrealistic restrictions on how you live your life. Some advocate eating tons of protein, others emphasize carbohydrates. Either way, you’re left with having to make rather drastic changes to the types of food you eat and when you eat it. In this special presentation, we take an in-depth look at using the mind to help you achieve a healthy body. To quote Deepak Chopra, “The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.”

9:00 AM – 5 PM
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No matter what the prognosis of your client, this class will identify the 13 concerns of illness and will teach the hypnotist how to deal with their clients on these important topics!

Years of working with patients at the Sari Asher Center, helped Laura identify the major areas of concern for people diagnosed with a life altering illness. Her book, Moving Through Illness, describes these areas and includes studies that have demonstrated that hypnosis is effective at dealing with them. From sleep to pain management to fears of treatments, to preparing for surgery, hypnosis is a powerful tool to help remove obstacles in the way of healing. And if physical healing isn’t possible, there is always emotional and other forms of physical work to be done, and hypnosis can make that path smoother, as well.
You will learn:

This course is designed to address the ill as well as their caregivers and children. And it walks through all parts of illness, including passing and grieving. There isn’t a client you have that won’t benefit from the tools and processes this course has to offer.
Tools to effectively manage the emotions and stress surrounding illness
The different types of pains and management of those pains
About the decision-making process surrounding treatment
How hypnosis aids the healing process
The immune system and what effects sleep
Tools to help the caregiver cope
Hypnosis For Moving Through Illness topics include:
Managing Fear
Maximizing Your Treatment Potential
Positive Emotional Management
Bolstering Your Immune System
Optimal Sleep
Managing Pain
Preparing for Surgery
Support for Caregivers
Support for Children
Witnessing Passing
Grieving and more!

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