Complete Weight Loss Program

Be Fit Program

Obesity costs U.S. employers an estimated $45 billion annually and accounts for 27% of the recent rise in health insurance rates. Not only are employers facing sky rocketing health costs, a study found overweight employees had twice the rate of workers’ compensation claims as their fit co-workers. Duke University noted that the heaviest workers had 13 times more lost workdays due to work-related injuries and the medical claims for those injuries were 7 times higher.

hypothyroidism-weight-loss-722x406At Summit Performance, we go beyond “willpower” and utilize the subconscious mind to rewire thought patterns that trigger overeating. Using a two-tiered approach of guided meditation and mental imagery, individuals gain the resolve to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The results of this program include healthy eating and regular exercise becoming the new normal for individuals and companies having motivated, engaged employees.

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