Summit Performance Supports FAU Equestrian Team Fundraiser

Fau NewsWest Palm Beach, FL (December 21, 2012) Laura King, owner and founder of Summit Performance, was excited to be included recently in a fundraising event supporting the Florida Atlantic University Equestrian Team. Held at the Sunshine Meadows Equestrian Village in Delray Beach, Florida, this event helped bring in a tremendous amount of support for the team, not only financially, but for the overall health and wellness of the riders themselves.  Summit Performance taught the team members how to use the 88% of their subconscious mind to increase their performance. They also worked on releasing performance anxiety and building their confidence in their ability to win. “When I speak to groups, especially equestrians, my presentation is always received with a refreshing acceptance of what is possible,” explains King. “Everyone at the event was excited and looking forward to listening to the self-hypnosis CDs that they received after the presentation.”

The FAU equestrian team is made up of mostly hunter/jumpers, and is a part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) competing at all levels.  King explained to them that the unconscious mind is really the driving force between most of our beliefs beliefs and behaviors. It make sense then that hypnosis which elicits change at the unconscious level can be highly effective in overcoming issues of self-doubt from past mistakes and criticisms which may be keeping them from moving to their peak level of performance. A gymnast may visualize herself performing every movement of her routine in her mind. A basketball player may visualize himself making the perfect free throw shot over and over. An equestrian may visualize herself doing a series of jumps with perfect timing and without fear. Many well known athletes have worked with hypnosis to achieve significant gains in their personal performance.

Summit Performance uses hypnosis and other sports coaching strategies to help athletes improve mental toughness in order to master the mental game of their sport.  “The process we stress aims to keep you in the present, and helps you drop any baggage you carry about performance anxiety, expectations or ‘what-if’s,” King advises. “If you develop an automatic relaxation response, it will change how you feel about what you are doing.  Then, you will have less stress, enjoy performing, have a better ability to get in the zone and as a result, have more success.”  King continues to explain this process, “It involves centering,” she says, “and the first aspect of centering is focusing on the rate of breathing and maintaining a slow, steady pace.  Breathe in through the nose, and feel the air fill your lungs, then exhale through your mouth.”  She goes on, “It may help to have a key word or mantra to repeat that helps you refocus on what you want to do.  For example, use the words ‘relax’ or‘steady.’ Then, you must practice because in order to do this automatically when you need it the most, like during the stress of competition or training, you have to have the techniques down and be able to visualize them. Practicing is the only way to ensure that.  Use your training sessions to try various centering techniques and find the best one for you.  Refocus and get ‘centered’ at every break, rest period, or even when there’s a pause in the action.”

Laura King, CHt, NLP, Life Coach, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, has been a full-time, practicing hypnotist for over a decade. With over 100 certifications in Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, and Life Coaching, she is one of the most highly qualified instructors in the industry. “I use hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) not only for equestrians, but for golfers, students, and business professionals as well,”she describes. “Anyone who wants to improve their performance and achieve peak performance needs to have their brain trained for that excellence, and the way we train the brain is by getting to its center of power, which is the subconscious. You can do all kinds of drills each day to improve how you perform, but all of that is on the conscious level, which takes far more energy in order to get things done.”  King continues, “The subconscious, which is the vast majority of your brain, is where your habits, emotions and memories live, and if you’re having any kind of difficulty with bad habits or with fears or with negative memories, conscious efforts to correct them aren’t going to work long term. The way to create lasting change is by tapping into the immense power of the subconscious, and that’s what hypnosis does. As far as NLP goes, I use it to structure my hypnosis sessions. NLP is usually used by itself, on the conscious level. But in my experience, it doesn’t create sustained change or sustained excellence because it takes so much energy.”

King has published four books on the subject of Hypnosis and NLP, with another in the works. She has appeared on Rachel Ray, and is a highly sought after speaker. Her books include, The Power to Win, Perfect Enough, Perfect Enough Companion Book – the DISCOVER PROCESS(TM), and Awesome Golf Now.

Summit Performance offers individual sessions of 50 minutes as well as packages for both mentoring and life coaching for those interested in a more intensive experience focused on specific, measurable and achievable goals.  To schedule an appointment, please call561-841-7603 or visit for more information.


Photo: From left to right, Amanda Burke, Brittany D’Andrea, Adrienne Gilhart, Jack Mitich, Laura King, Lisa Dirico and Stephanie Mayne. Mitich and King mentored the members of the FAU Equestrian Team. (Photo courtesy of Stephanie Mayne)


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